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Vision in The Vineyards was born to share a great love of Temecula wines,
authentic wine-country living, and wine-country adventures.

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When you bring great people, food, & conversations together over extraordinary wines,  
We Can Shift The World.

Wine is the catalyst for some of life’s greatest memories, moments and meaning.

Our goal is to make having great wine easy, affordable and fun for any moment of your life.

We help you indulge your passion (or soon to have passion) for great wine by offering curated, limited edition vintages delivered to your door.

Every wine is a connection in a bottle.

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Vision In the Vineyard Wines are made from grapes sourced from La Fata Estate & our Temecula vineyard partners, blended into adventurous bottles of wine for your taste buds, perfect for conversations, laughter and deeper connections. 

Alchemy Cellars Merlot

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Alchemy Cellars Merlot

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Alchemy Cellars Merlot

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Get Ready To Meet The First Vintages of The La Fata Estate 

& Vision In The Vineyard Wine Collection!


In Oct 2023, a dream planted in 2010, to one day own a vineyard and make interesting wines comes true!

 After a six year labor of love planting our own vineyard in 2017, our first La Fata Estate and V&V wines will become available to you.

Our V&V Wine Members will be the first to know and have first dibs at our new wines.


La Fata Estate Wines are handcrafted, small lot production from Temecula Valley, CA, oak aged for a minimum of 22-months in barrel, and 3 to 6 months in bottle. 

Our first vintages will be a very small allocation and typically available to members only.

We believe the best wine comes from thoughtful, old world farming, that is sustainable and conscious of the new environment we are living in.

Our first Estate wine, “First Born”– a 100% Syrah from our first grapes planted on property will be available Oct 2023. This wine is named after our son, Lucca, our first born. The grapes and Lucca were conceived at the same time. 

Reserve Yours Now.

Our “The Compromise” a Syrah, Cab Sauvignon and Cab Franc Blend will be available Oct. 2023. Vito had to fight hard to get Anna to “compromise” so he could include Cab Franc in this deep red lovers blend. 

Reserve yours now. 

Our “Blended Dreams” 50/50 Syrah & Cab. Sav represents the blending of Vito & Anna’s separate dreams to form one big dream that would require the two of them together to fulfill their family legacy.  Blended Dreams is the culmination of that belief and two of their favorite varietals 

Reserve yours now. 

In the meantime, enjoy our “Trust Me” Wine Boxes, where we packaged our favorite Temecula wines from our partners and winemaking friends to make choosing a diversity of Temecula wine as easy as clicking a button. 

See what’s inside the “Trust Me” Wine Box here. 


“Vision In The Vineyard Wines is a purveyor, curator and creator of fine Temecula Wine. 

We literally offer you hand-picked wines from around the best vineyards of Temecula! 

Our “Trust Me” Wine Boxes are the talk of the town! 

It’s the only all-in-one wine membership in Temecula where you can get a bunch of great wines from a variety of Temecula’s Finest Wineries all in ONE location! 

No need to join five or six wineries, join one and get the best of the best right to your door. 

Vision in the Vineyard


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